hey bayles! farm is a family run, certified organic farm, growing a wide range of fruits and vegetables and specializing in leafy greens. We currently work 12 acres in the Oregon Coast Range and distribute our high quality produce through our CSA program, at the Lane County Farmers Market, through Eugene’s best Natural Food Stores and at many outstanding restaurants.

We grow a wide range of market crops, but we specialize in cool season crops that are best suited for our maritime influenced valley. Our salad greens, including our Organic Salad Mix, Salad Spinach and Premium Arugula,can be found all over Eugene, along with Head Lettuce, Swiss Chard, Italian Kale and Collard Greens. Root crops are a main staple of the farm also but we grow everything from Snap Peas, to Cauliflower, to Melons.(See THE LIST FOR MANY OF OUR CROPS)

We are Certified Organic through Oregon Tilth, but we believe that good food is about much more than just not using synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. Our family's growing passion is only exceeded by our love of food, and we believe that this shows in the varieties we choose and the techniques we use to grow them. We know that robust flavors and textures are enhanced by careful attention to light, water and nutrients; and we believe that the complex nutritional component of high quality produce can only be achieved if the soil in which it is grown is also healthy, vibrant and living.

We also believe that it is not enough to just grow great produce, but that we must also grow healthy communities and that is why Hey Bayles! Farm is an active, participating member of its Lane County community. We are proud to host three apprentices each season and to employ six members of the community. We are also proud to sponsor and participate in numerous civic organizations such as the Rural Arts Center, the American Music Institute and The Eugene Celebration (2005 Parade-Grand Prize winner- Hey Bayles! Farm!) to name just a few. We do these things because we know that high quality food means nothing if the soul is starving in a dead community.

If you have some time, look through our web-site and see what we do.We will be updating pictures, articles and recipes on a periodic basis, so visit us often. Welcome to our farm.

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